Why is there a friction sound from the brake disc while driving?

The abnormal sound brake pad is a consumable part and an important part of the brake system. The period of the brake pad is mainly related to the driving habits of the driver. Owners may have encountered this situation. When driving, the brake pads will make a "squeaky" metal friction sound. The sound is very sharp. At this time, there are foreign objects in the brake pads or the brake discs are rusty after rain. The track is usually relieved by slamming on the brakes. In addition, the phenomenon of partial wear of the brake pads of the car may also be that the brake pads exceed the usage limit (the back of the brake pads is an iron plate). The brake pads are relatively simple to check and can be viewed by the owner.

Brake disc wear replacement standard

Generally, the thickness of the new front brake disc is about 32 mm, and the thickness of the rear brake disc is about 28 mm. As the car brakes during use, the thickness of the brake disc will be worn. Generally, the replacement standard for brake disc wear is about 2 mm. If the brake disc wear exceeds this standard, the brake disc may be broken due to the brake, and it should be replaced in time.

How often does the brake disc change?

Those who drive often should know that the engine is usually the heart of a car, and it can be said that the engine has an absolutely non-negligible effect on the operation of this car. The engine allows the car to travel, but the braking system stops the car. You can't stop the car without stopping. It can be seen that the brakes can't be ignored for a complete car.
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